Volume 38 NO. 1 2005

Volume 38 NO. 1 2005

Having taken a closer look at both form and content of SPLQ, we decided that time was ripe for some adjustments.
An evaluation conducted by the Royal School of Library and Information Science pointed us in the right direction. The layout has subsequently been modernised, and the journal appears in a trimmer version. In the future we will be concentrating more on the thematic aspect and more functionalities will be added to our homepage.
However, the most dramatic difference is that from now on the journal is free – whether you choose to receive the paper edition or want to read it online. The main purpose of this step is to hopefully reach a broader reading public with stories and information about library developments in Scandinavia. So please tell your colleagues outside Scandinavia how easy it is to access www.splq.info and take out a subscription, in electronic or printed form – and there is nothing to pay!

Ethics is the theme in this the first issue in 2005. A subject which libraries and librarians must at all times address, but which in the wake of the Internet’s tremendous impact on society poses new questions and produces new dilemmas for the libraries. For example, how does one adhere to the Unesco Manifesto’s affirmed principle of free and equal access to information and at the same time protect children against pornography on the net? The following articles will analyse and discuss the many aspects of this vital subject.

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