Volume 42 NO. 4 2009

A (not very) highly valued part of library work?

Making use of new technology, and lately, the possibilities of the social web, seems to have absorbed librarians totally. The fact that collections in public libraries still mainly consist of printed books, and likewise most of the lending, sometimes seems to be close to embarrassing.

It is understandable, as librarians have had to work hard to change the old book-library image in order to promote the variety of new services.
Promoting traditional literacy and reading is, however, an essential part of public library work.
The books might be tucked away to give more space, the collection of available e-books might be growing, this is still important. The format is not crucial, knowing the contents is. Are there still any literarily educated, book-reading librarians out there? This issue proves they still exist.

Barbro Wigell-Ryynänen


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Retired, former editor
Assistant Editor. Administrative assistant, Ministry of Education