Volume 43 NO. 3 2010

Toward new forms of collaboration

Collaboration is, by tradition, important to libraries. On the local level, library directors work as part of their municipality’s administration; they may be responsible for cultural activities, for example, in addition to library activities. Collaboration is carried out together with schools, youth work and daycares and there may be library services in nursing homes. Library premises are offered for use by other sectors in public administration, for example piano lessons given by the adult education centres, exhibitions arranged by the local arts society or meetings for various organisations and boards. Today’s library is also open to less obvious partners, and to partnerships which may require various agreements concerning the distribution of responsibilities and funding. A diverse range of services and extensive expertise should make the library an interesting partner for a variety of activities. The potential may not always be crystal clear, which means that libraries must be active. Being familiar with the local environment helps to customize services needed in the area. The wide range of opportunities should be made known by actively marketing services, competencies and skills.

Barbro Wigell-Ryynänen
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Retired, former editor
Assistant Editor. Administrative assistant, Ministry of Education