New competencies

Volume 41 NO. 1 2008

The theme for the first issue of this year seems highly relevant. Libraries are closely involved in changes in communities and lifestyles; after all, they are a part of everyday life. The librarian’s profession is linked to the core of the information and knowledge society. Training in the field and the need for supplementary training must be constantly updated, and in many libraries the staff is currently striving to delineate what a librarian should know in order to meet the needs of the patrons. In our next issue, we will be looking at social technologies.

Through the years, the centerfold Viewpoint has highlighted more personal points of view; articles have been written by authors and by representatives of academic library education, or by some other esteemed figure in the field. In 2007, we had the pleasure of reading what Sweden’s Barbro Thomas thinks about what’s going on in the library world. This year it’s Finland’s turn to deliver the Viewpoint articles, and we have decided to do it somewhat differently. Our writers will vary depending on the issue and theme. Tuula Haavisto, internationally known library director of the Tampere City Library, will present her opinions on new competencies.

Since SPLQ is only published four times a year, we will not open our columns for discussions. It could easily be done in the Internet version, but other duties that come with editorial staff membership in the service of the Nordic library authorities, set their own limits. I hope, however, that we will succeed in finding interesting and relevant themes and writers, to do our part to inspire and add momentum to on-going discussions in professional contexts.

Barbro Wigell-Ryynänen

Translation: Turun Täyskäännös

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Retired, former editor